I'm Daniel Rampelt,

Currently studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo and changing education at Chalk Education Inc.

I've been fascinated by computers and technology for as long as I can remember, playing video games at just a few years old and making my first website in grade 7. I'm also very interested in cryptocurrencies.

See where I've worked, what I've done, how to find me, or just take a look at my resume.

Where I've Worked

Chalk Education Inc.

A productivity suite for teachers. I'm the Lead Android Developer and also work on the server infrastructure.


An app for watching videos with friends, synced within milliseconds anywhere in the world. I worked on adding features to the mobile apps. Check it out

What I've Done


A web app for remote technical interviews that combines video chat, a live code editor, speech to text, and machine learning to ensure you hire the right candidate. Top 12 Finalist at Hack the North 2015. View on DevPost.


A game to teach programming in which you create a tank AI in Ruby, made for Tech Retreat. Check it out or view the source


A (work in progress) Android app for people to find local, menial jobs. View on GitHub


A Terrible Idea that enhances your clipboard. View on GitHub or Download


An osu! clone for Android made with LibGDX. Download

Bukkit Plugins

I used to run a Minecraft server and I made a bunch of Bukkit plugins for it. They are somewhere on GitHub.

How to find me

Send an email to [email protected], add me on Facebook, check out my GitHub, or connect on LinkedIn.